The products sold by the company are manufactured and sold by Merry King, and provide after-sales service;

Service after-sales regulations:

1. Merry King strictly implements the relevant provisions of the national three-guarantee law and factory warranty regulations, so Meiliqing provides three-guarantee services for products manufactured and sold.

2. OEM/ODM products are calculated from the date of delivery, and within the scope of the effective warranty, a three-month replacement is provided. one year warranty.

3. Calculated from the date of purchase, within the scope of the effective warranty, a 3-month replacement and a 2-year warranty are provided.

4. For the after-sales process, please refer to the process description at the bottom of this page.


Under normal conditions of use, non-human factors, non-natural disasters, non-force majeure, electrical defects or other quality problems, failures, a one-year free warranty will be implemented, and if the warranty exceeds one year, the warranty will be implemented in accordance with the non-guarantee standard;

Non-warranty coverage:

1. Unable to provide valid certificates such as purchase certificate, serial number, etc., and unable to determine the purchase and production date;

2. During the product replacement period, the appearance of the product is worn, dirty, scratched, or accessories are incomplete;

3. During the product warranty period, problems caused by human factors, natural disasters, force majeure, improper use of the environment, and products beyond the warranty period.

After-sales process:

1. Please prepare the corresponding information first, such as: product model, transaction order number, purchase date and other information;

2. Click here to submit the after-sales application. After the submission is successful, you will receive an automatic reply email from Merry King Technology;

3. After receiving the application, the after-sales service department of Merry King Technology will start processing the order. The staff communicates with the applicant about the return of defective products;

4. Customers return defective products, small items are sent by express, and large items are sent by logistics;

5. After receiving the defective product, the after-sales service department of Merry King Technology will send it to the engineering department for failure cause analysis, complete the repair work, and return it to the after-sales service department;

6. Merry King Technology will return good products to customers;

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