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Merry King Technology Co., Ltd. (Merry King Enterprises) is a professional power supply manufacturer that integrates R&D, production and sales processes. It has acquired a wide range of international safety certifications. Its headquarters Merry King Enterprises was founded in Ping-tung county of Taiwan in 1990. In 1995, it set up a plant in Shenzhen, which covered an area of 18,000 square feet and employed 600 staffs. In the same year, it passed the ISO9001 and ISO14000 standards. Since 1996, it has been supplying power adapters and transformers for some world-famous brands. In 2015, under the wave of globalization and its economic effects, it carried out industrial adjustments by investing in PANFORE LIMITED and establishing GuangShu ELECTRICAL CO., LTD., a switching power supply plant that specializes in developing and manufacturing switching power supply and LED drive power in Dalin Shan, Dongguan. The Shenzhen Plant mainly produces low-frequency power adapters, low-frequency transformers, high-frequency transformers, magnetic ring inductance, etc. Relying on abundant experience and R&D strengths accumulated over the years, Merry King is capable of providing high-quality products and all-round services for its customers.

The company mainly produces power adapters (switching power supply & low-frequency linear power supply), EI power transformers, audio transformers, vehicle-mounted rectifiers, LED drive power, high-frequency transformers, inductance, etc. 

All raw materials and manufacturing processes of its products meet the RoHS and REACH requirements. Its products have passed or acquired a wide variety of safety certifications and energy efficiency certifications, including but not limited to UL/ CE/ FCC /GS /PSE /KC /CCC/ CB/ C-TICK /SAA/ NRCAN/MEPS/ DOE/ ErP/ ETL/CEC, etc. Its reliable quality and competitive price have won a good reputation among domestic and overseas customers.

Guided by the principles of “Creating Win-win Situations through Sincere Cooperation” and “Fostering trust and respect based on reliable quality and expertise”, the company is committed to providing first-class products and services.

  • 1990

    Founded in 1990

  • 18000

    18,000 square feet of plant area

  • 600+

    600 employees





Our Advantage

  • Strong product technology and performance advantages

    Strong product technology and performance advantages

    Since its establishment in Taiwan in 1990, Merry King(PANFORE) has been a leader in power adapters and transformers for more than 20 years. The company has established a sound R&D and incentive mechanism through a stable team and through Taiwan's international team. R&D work has always been the top priority. Through the “first step” research and development concept and the new product development policy of “production first generation, improved generation, and concept generation”, we have fully grasped the market and product direction and made great achievements in product research and development. success. Through continuous independent research and development and technological innovation, the company's R&D team now has resonant technology (zero voltage and zero current switching technology), quasi-resonant technology (valley/zero voltage switching technology), low power frequency reverse walking technology, and interleaved active PFC. Leading power-related core technologies in industries such as resonant technology. The continuous R&D investment and rich research and development results make the company's switching power supply products fully integrated with international standards in terms of energy efficiency, output accuracy, power factor, dielectric strength, working environment temperature, surge registration, and waterproof rating. In national standards, industry standards and industry common standards.

    1 High reliability: The patented technology realizes high-precision current constant and small harmonics, truly achieving stable and reliable quality, and the defect rate is less than 5/10,000; 2 Ultra-high efficiency: low standby power consumption, constant voltage efficiency up to 95%, power The factor is up to 0.99, which is truly energy efficient; 3 long life: working life of more than 50,000 hours, and can work normally at -40 ° C - +70 ° C temperature; 4 super strong characteristics: ultra wide input voltage 90-305V (With undervoltage and overvoltage protection), waterproof rating up to IP68 standard, anti-radar to 4KV or more, with over-voltage, over-current, over-temperature and other multiple protection; 5 intelligent control: realizing time intelligent control, 0-10V simulation Dimming, DALI intelligent stepless dimming, PLC intelligent remote stepless dimming, RS485 or DMX512 intelligent remote stepless dimming, infrared sensing intelligent control and other functions, indoor thyristor dimming, to achieve the "secondary energy saving" of LED lighting 6 Light and beautiful: the application of new materials, new processes, product modularization, standardization, easy to install and maintain, to achieve small size, light weight, green and environmentally friendly.

  • Global certification system and product certification advantages

    Global certification system and product certification advantages

    As a world-renowned manufacturer of power adapters and transformers, Merry King(PANFORE) has been keeping up with the industry trend and is at the forefront of the industry in the field of power supply safety and energy conservation. Power product certification has always required a long time and a high cost. Due to the rapid replacement of related products, and the update of international standards is changing with each passing day, the performance of products must be constantly updated and updated according to the corresponding standards and energy-saving requirements. Now we have a full range of UL, GS, BS, CE, CB, PSE certification; in addition, in order to obtain the unique customer's purchasing rights, we also have to meet the customer's individual requirements through relevant customer certification. At present, all the power products of Merry King(PANFORE) Company fully meet the world's latest energy efficiency standards and EU ROHS environmental protection requirements. The company's series of power products have complete safety certification and have gradually become the mainstream power supply suppliers of multinational companies.

  • Integrated cost control and customer advantage

    Integrated cost control and customer advantage

    Merry King(PANFORE) Company implements strict institutional management in cost control, uses objective data to guide and control the cost of the company, and has established a strict cost control system based on the actual situation of the company. With the rapid expansion of the company's production scale, it has more and more advantages in material procurement. Large quantities of raw material procurement can reduce the company's material cost; domestic labor costs have been quite competitive, and the expansion of scale has strengthened the specialized division of labor. Improve labor productivity and reduce labor costs per unit of product.

    In addition, the main products of Merry King(PANFORE) have a complete process chain, which effectively controls the cost and increases the added value of the product. The company starts from product design, production management, quality management, etc., strictly controls product costs, and finally forms cost-effective products to meet customer needs and ensure the market competitiveness of products.

    Based on the characteristics of industry development, the company provides services to customers in marketing policies, technical support, marketing, training services, etc., and leverages its system advantages in brand, technology, service and marketing to develop customers and expand market share. The strategy of high-end profit and low-end market share has initially shown market leadership in the domestic power rectifier and transformer market.Merry King(PANFORE) has established partnerships with multinational companies such as Huawei, Skyworth, Feihong, HP, TOSHIBA, SHARP, D-LINK, etc., and has become a mainstream customer of the company. Strategic cooperation with major customers will be a high growth of the company's performance. Provide effective support.

  • Fast response and service advantages

    Fast response and service advantages

    Merry King(PANFORE) always adheres to the concept of "integrity cooperation, creating a win-win situation", based on the principle of "reliance comes from quality and respect is based on professionalism". The short cycle and high standards of the supply chain service link have been realized. At present, the company implements the critical time control of the service process. The customer must complete the review work 1-2 hours after the order is placed. After 4 hours, the production work order must be placed, and the materials must be in place within 7-10 days. The company promises to receive from the customer. Orders, organization of production, quality testing and delivery of products are completed in 15 days, while companies in the same industry generally spend about 20 days, the company provides customers with faster service.

    Compared with competitors, the company has strong ability to supply goods on time and has been highly recognized by customers. It is especially important that in addition to the advantages in response speed in the production and delivery links, the company pays more attention to the response speed of the front-end R&D. The company timely tracks and participates in the new product development plan of important customers and potential customers. When the customer's new product is launched, the company's supporting power supply has also been developed and quickly put into commercial use, and even later, even if the supporting power supply is developed, it is already very It is difficult to cut into the supply chain of this complete model. This kind of research and development service advantage strengthens the company's cooperation with customers and is one of the company's important core competitiveness.

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